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Hi! My name is Kelly Shannon. I am a twenty-year old blogger currently finishing up my BA in English and Theatre at Muhlenberg College, and looking to pursue graduate study. My interests include gender studies, performance studies, queer theory, and literature (particularly 19th century British sensation fiction).

What I’m Working On Now

As a part of a research grant given by Muhlenberg College, I am currently working on a project entitled “Power, Pleasure, and Prejudice: Postfeminist Play in Mediated Stand-Up Comedy.” The grant period started in late May and will continue officially into mid-July, though the work of course will continue beyond that period. Check out my blog for updates on where I’m at in the research process!

Future Work

Coming soon this academic year:

Presentation at the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA) with Eric Jovinelly: “Encoding Gendered Scaffolding in the Tutorial Session”

Prospective Honors Thesis: “Sensational Queer Female Space: The Perverse Performativity of Collins’ Sensation Fiction in Transformation”